Laws and regulations

Please read the rules and regulations to be included here before account registration and follow-up on an ongoing basis where they can be modified at any time by the Site Manager Contraband: 1 - prohibits the registration of names is understandable. 2 - prevent the registration of companies that do not have an official branch in the UAE. 3 - to prevent the registry for the purpose of recording fictitious companies or non-licensed, you will not be activated until after the companies licensed to make sure. 4 - preclude the addition of Products in the news section, because the news section dedicated to news the company only, for example: The company (.....) contract with the company (.....) on such and such, or the Company. (.. ...) launched its website, or open a new branch, the company's profits or such and such. Will be canceled and the news section for any company that violates this item. 5 - prevents recurrence of classified ads. 6 - Do not write the Declaration of the purpose of advertising for other companies registered company must put their ads only. 7 - prevents the display of any links on forums or in personal sites in any particular section of the company, and allows only display sites in the company. 8 - Do not put a link or email address in the ad is supposed to write a clear title and has to do with the content of the topic. Disclaimer: 1. Does not assume the user site UAE companies for advertising and shopping any legal responsibility for the accuracy, validity, or completeness of the information for companies listed on the site. 2. Does not assume the user site UAE companies for advertising and shopping any responsibility towards the buying and selling, site as a link between the seller and the buyer without earning any commission from both sides. 3. Does not assume the user site UAE companies for advertising and shopping for any services related to buying and selling operations, which specializes in the delivery or shipment of goods. 4. Management has the right to amend their own laws at any time without giving reasons, and firms are fully responsible for reading the laws and regulations on a regular basis. 5. The company declared fully responsible for the accuracy and validity of declarations and we save the IP number of studying to contact your internet company and be submitted to any legal entity required to manage the site. 6. To all companies and visitors for caution and a commitment to full asset-commercial and legal in all Tammelthm and twisted away from roads or fraud.   Our motto: your start with us has no end Wishing you spend good time with usSite Management Guide, Emirates Declaration and shopping